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Administration Consulting

When we build a team, we are always looking for people who love to win and if we do not find any of them we are looking for people who hate defeat.


Enterprises are living organisations that change constantly and adjust to their environment. They develop new products, make investments, open up new markets, modify business models, train employees, retain employees, and cooperate with other enterprises. NS+P advises your enterprise comprehensively during the processes of establishment, development, and change, because these often constitutive entrepreneurial decisions are frequently closely connected to capital and financing decisions. Therefore, our interdisciplinary consulting teams keep track of the interrelations between strategy, legal possibilities for organisation, matters of finance, and taxes.
This is where we support you–as consultants, experts, or auditors. Within the scope of due diligence we determine relevant information about an enterprise, assess the economic viability of planned investments, and prepare budget accounts. We determine the value of a company as a whole, asset values, and assist you with cooperation and sales negotiations. Depending on your need for advice, our interdisciplinary teams cooperate with external experts whom we access in our network that has grown over the past twenty years.


Managing Innovation is about fostering innovative ideas, selecting the opportunities to be pursued and managing their implementation. We can help you identify your Innovation objectives and obstacles.


Business Process is a set of management strategy and techniques that helps an organization in making a more effective and efficient workflows and capability in adapting an ever-changing environment.


Strategy Management analyses and assesses the resources and performance involve in internal and external environment in an organization by identifying the organizations mission, vision and objectives.


Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. It is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources.


Technology is a precise description of the structure of an enterprise, which comprises enterprise components, business entities and the externally visible properties of those components.


Performance Management focus on the performance of an organization, processes of a department, or even the employees to ensure the alignment of all the different elements of an organization.
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